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Gabi holds an Honours degree in Dietetics from the University of Natal and a Diploma
in Therapeutic Dietetics from the University of Pretoria. She completed the CDE
diabetes educator course, is a professional member of SAAFoST and ADSA and
has over 30 years’ experience practising as a dietitian and nutrition consultant. Eight
years ago she trained in food legislation and has added this skill to her portfolio of services to the food industry.

She is known for her passion about nutrition and her ability to take complicated
science and legislation and impart this information to the man in the street in simple understandable language.  She ran successful dietetic practises in Pietermaritzburg, Port Elizabeth and Johannesburg before following her husband to the east rand in Johannesburg and focusing her services on the food industry. She believes that the consumer has a right to correct information and always puts the consumer first when advising on food formulations and labels. Her clients in the food industry include Thistlewood, Nomu, Montagu, the South African Poultry Ass, Spar brands, Nature’s Choice, Ekuzeni, Sparta, etc.

Gabi has lectured at the University of Natal and Pretoria and has presented many workshops and talks to professionals, the food industry and patients alike. She has appeared on TV and many radio programmes and interviews on a variety of nutrition related topics. She has penned nine popular bestseller nutrition books – The Eating
for Sustained Energy series and the definitive South African Glycemic Index and
Load Guide, which is updated regularly.


Tel /Fax: 011 425 5438
Cell: 082 774 3555



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