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Product Label Consultations
See food labeling page

    Product Development Consultations
Development of new products with nutritional specifications can be challenging.
    Involving Gabi Steenkamp in this process will minimize
nutritional and formulation errors.
    Products aimed at specific consumer groups, for example consumers with diabetes, require consideration
    of many parameters - both nutritional and technological. Including Gabi in your team will fast forward and
    enhance your product development process.
    Contact us to set up such a meeting.

    Product Nutritional Consultations
During product development that requires particular nutritional values, it can be very useful (and less costly)
    to use calculated nutritional values rather than having to send the product to a laboratory for nutri analysis
    at various stages during development.
    Gabi can do detailed and accurate calculated nutritional analysis as per your requirements.
    Contact us to discuss your requirements and give us an opportunity to quote on your needs.

Dietary management of the following conditions is offered by dietitians:

insulin resistance / hyperinsulinemia
polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)
weight management
high cholesterol
cardiac rehab
irritable bowel syndrome / spastic colon / colon dysfunction
sport nutrition

First Consultations should include:
Ideally the first consultation should include some teaching of how your body functions, where your condition fits in, and how food affects your body in particular. Once you understand how different foods affect your condition, you will be able to make better informed food choices, no matter where you may be. Empowering you with this knowledge is self motivating and you will find yourself automatically NOT eating the foods that worsen your condition as you know what the consequences will be. Dietitians teach you to adapt and 'tweak' your present eating, so that there is minimum disruption within the family.

Follow Up Consultations should include:
Approximately 10 days after the initial consultation, the follow-up consultation is strongly recommended to consolidate what you have learnt in the first consultation. In this session, your detailed 5-day food record together with the relevant monitoring parameter (eg. blood glucose readings before and 3 hours after meals for those with diabetes) may be analyzed to pinpoint any misunderstandings and to help you solve your practical, everyday problems. The more problems you bring to this session, the more you can be helped. Full nutrition assessment can done at the same time and if supplementation should be required, your options would be discussed with you in detail.

Should you require the services of a dietitian that has worked or been trained by Gabi, please contact our office (011 425 5438)  or alternatively see the dietitians website,

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