Eating for Sustained energy
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A collection of low GI, low fat recipe books, including the GL concept.
Eating for Sustained energy


Gabi Steenkamp together with her colleagues, has written 9 books including the 7 recipe books. All the books incorporate the glycemic index into daily living nutrition skills. These books will inspire you to easily put into practise good taste with good nutrition. “Nutritious and delicious” takes on a new meaning, when Gabi teaches you how.

The South African
Glycemic Index & Load Guide
2013 - 2015

ISBN 9780620291798
Authors: Gabi Steenkamp & Liesbet Delport
registered dietitians

A user friendly book written with you in mind. The most commonly eaten foods in SA are listed in an easy-to-use, cross-referenced, colour-coded, alphabetical list. In addition, the glycemic index and glycemic load concepts are explained in clear layman's terms with plenty of examples to help you implement these new nutritional tools into your daily eating. We have now also listed the carbohydrate, protein, fat, fibre and kilojoule content per portion size indicated in the lists.

A neat easy-to-use GI and GL guide for all South Africans, written by two experienced South African dieticians.

R105.00 plus R35 handling, packaging and postage

Eat Smart and stay slim

Eat Smart and Stay Slim - The GI Diet

ISBN 9780624041891
Authors: Liesbet Delport & Gabi Steenkamp
registered dietitians

A weight management book to complement the recipe books. Based on lower GI, lower fat principles, this book makes weight management a breeze. It teaches lifestyle changes so that good nutrition becomes a way of life, rather than just a temporary “being on diet”. The three questionnaires in the book help the reader to assess his/her own nutritional intake and relationship with food.

In short, a sensible, scientifically based approach to weight management, suitable for all, including those with diabetes.

R195.00 + R65 handling, packaging & postage.
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The GI Basket
GI- GL GUIDE + any other two books

Order the GI-GL Guide and any other two books (English or Afrikaans) and we will include a laminated GI list (bookmark size) for free.

PRICE:  R560.00 inclusive of postage, packaging and handling

    GI-GL GUIDE              +                      ANY OTHER 2 BOOKS

Eating for Sustained energy
English or Afrikaans sets available.
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